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Public Science and its Output: First Evidence from the California Institute of Technology

Tues 2 December (Melbourne)

Past Seminars


The EU Unitary Patent Package: Prospects for the Future

Wed 28 May (Melbourne)

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Are Trade Mark Surveys Dead, or Just Resting?

Tues 6 May (Melbourne)

Thurs 8 May (Sydney)

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The Rise of Software Patenting and the Emergence of New Sources of Innovation

Thurs 19 December (Melbourne)

3D Printing and Additive Manufacture: Myths, Facts and the Future

Wed 30 October (Melbourne)

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Rome Wasn't Built in a Day: The Genesis of the CSIRO Wi-Fi Patent

Tuesday 30 July (Melbourne)

Presentation paper now available

Trading Technology: What Makes a Deal Work

Monday 22 July (Canberra)

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Transcending the Tacit Dimension: Patents, Relationships and Organisational Integration
in Technology Transfer

Tuesday 9 July (Sydney)

Wednesday 10 July (Melbourne)

Melbourne recording now available

Intellectual Property and Climate Change: Breaking the Doha Deadlock 

Tuesday 11 June 2013 (Melbourne)

Thursday 13 June 2013 (Sydney)

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The 2013 Review of Pharmaceutical Patents 

Monday 29 April 2013 (Melbourne)

Tuesday 30 April 2013 (Sydney)

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Top 10 things you should know about world trademarking!

Tuesday 26 March 2013 (Melbourne)

Friday 5 April 2013 (Canberra)

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Patents - is Europe making a mess of things? Lessons for Australia?

Wednesday 20 February (Melbourne)

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University-to-industry technology transfer in Europe

Monday 26 November (Melbourne)
Thursday 29 November (Adelaide)

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An Empirical Comparison of the Outcome of Patent Examination in the USPTO, the EPO and IP Australia

Thursday 1 November (Adelaide)
Friday 2 November (Perth)
Wednesday 7 November (Brisbane)
Monday 19 November (Sydney)
Tuesday 20 November (Canberra)
Wednesday 21 November (Melbourne)

Presentation now available

What is government's role in regulating and fostering socially responsible behaviour from Australian companies?

Wednesday 14 November (Melbourne)

The Fair Basis and Sufficiency Raising the Bar Reforms

Tuesday 10 July (Adelaide)
Thursday 12 July (Perth)
Monday 16 July (Sydney)
Monday 23 July (Melbourne)

Presentation now available

The Use of Subject Matter with Missing Owners – Australian Copyright Policy Options

Tuesday 10 July (Adelaide)
Wednesday 11 July (Perth)
Monday 23 July (Melbourne)

Presentation now available

Outside Directors on the Board and Innovative Firm Performance

Thursday 28 June (Melbourne)

Tuesday 10 July (Brisbane)

Accounting for Intangibles: What's all the Fuss?

Thursday 21 June 2012 (Brisbane)

New Models for Copyright Law Reform

Tuesday 12 June 2012 (Sydney)

Village Roadshow v iiNet: The decision and its ramifications for copyright owners and ISPs

Thursday 31 May 2012

Getting Emotional About Management

Wednesday 30 May 2012 (Sydney)
Tuesday 5 June 2012 (Melbourne)

Hargreaves One Year On: An Assessment

Tuesday 1 May 2012 (Oxford, UK)

Accounting for Intangibles: What's all the Fuss?

Tuesday 1 May 2012 (Melbourne)

Apple vs Samsung: What are the Appropriate Criteria for the Grant of Interlocutory Injunctions in Patent Cases?

Monday 26 March 2012 (Melbourne)
Thursday 29 March 2012 (Hobart)
Monday 2 April 2012 (Sydney)
Wednesday 4 April (Brisbane)

TRIPS on the Web: An Analogue Treaty in a Digital Age, or the First Trade 2.0 Agreement?

Monday 2 April 2012 (Melbourne)

Finding the trail of breadcrumbs - Navigating a patent thicket

Thursday 8 March 2012 (Melbourne)
Tuesday 20 March 2012 (Adelaide)
Wednesday 21 March 2012 (Perth)
Presentation now available

Commercialization Strategies for Innovating Firms
Wednesday 15 February 2012 (Melbourne)
Thursday 16 February 2012 (Brisbane)
Friday 17 February 2012 (Sydney)
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Patent Aggregating Companies – Exploring the Phenomenon
Wednesday 2 November 2011 (Sydney)
Thursday 3 November 2011 (Brisbane)
Friday 11 November 2011 (Adelaide)
Friday 18 November 2011 (Melbourne)
Brands and the Challenges of Grey Markets
Panel Seminar in Melbourne, Wednesday 26 October, 2011
The Trans-Tasman Relationship: Competition Law and Intellectual Property Law
Monday 24 October 2011 (Sydney)
Tuesday 25 October 2011 (Melbourne)
Thursday 27 October 2011 (Canberra)

Creative Destruction and Intellectual Property: What's an Incumbent to Do?

Wednesday 19 October 2011 (Sydney)
Thursday 20 October 2011 (Melbourne)
*Podcast now available*

Innovation in Australia: Joining up a disconnected system

Tuesday 6 September 2011 (Melbourne)
Wednesday 7 September 2011 (Sydney)
Wednesday 7 December 2011 (Brisbane)

Enforcement, Enforcement, What Enforcement?

Friday 27 May (Melbourne)
Wednesday 1 June (Sydney)

Why Do Firms Patent?

Wednesday 11 May (Sydney)
Thursday 12 May (Brisbane)
Tuesday 17 May (Melbourne)
Thursday 11 August (Adelaide)
Friday 12 August (Perth)

Human Rights and Intellectual Property: Mapping the Global Interface

Wednesday 11 May (Melbourne)
Monday 16 May (Sydney)

Beyond Genes: What should and should not be patented and how to tell the difference

Wednesday 27 April (Sydney)
Thursday 28 April (Darwin)
Tuesday 3 May (Melbourne)

The World Trade Organization's Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property (TRIPS) Agreement and Access to Medicines

Thursday 21 April (Melbourne)

Brandjacking on Social Networks: Trademark Infringement by Impersonation of Markholders

Tuesday 15 March (Melbourne)
Thursday 17 March (Sydney)

What Determines Patent Invalidation: A Look at Germany

Thursday 3 February (Melbourne)
Tuesday 8 February (Sydney)

New Models for Book Publishing

Wednesday 9 February (Melbourne)


Conversation and Drinks with Eddie Schwartz
Wednesday 1 December (Sydney)
Monday 6 December (Melbourne)
The Innovative Organisation: Strategy and Executive Compensation
Thursday 9 December (Melbourne)
*Podcast now available*
No Personality Rights for Popstars in Hong Kong?
Wednesday 1 December (Sydney)
Monday 6 December (Melbourne)
Australian Scientists and Research Use Exemptions in Patent Law: Does Perception Match Reality?
Tuesday 19 October (Brisbane)
Thursday 21 October (Melbourne)
Monday 25 October (Hobart)
The Importance of Patents: IP Litigation in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Wednesday 4 August (Adelaide)
Thursday 5 August (Melbourne)
Friday 6 August (Sydney)
Who Owns the News?: A Panel Discussion
Thursday 8 July (Melbourne)
*Podcast now available*
Australian Inventors: Who Are They?
Monday 21 June (Perth)
Wednesday 23 June (Sydney)
Thursday 24 June (Melbourne)
Presentation now available
Raising the Inventive Step: A Look at the Issues
Thursday 17 June (Adelaide)
Friday 18 June (Perth)
Presentation now available
Responding to Competitive Attacks: The Strategic Role of Human Assets
Thursday 3 June (Melbourne)
Monday 7 June (Sydney)
Tuesday 8 June (Brisbane)

Banning Tobacco Logos: A Look at the Issues

Wednesday 26th May (Melbourne)
Presentations and podcast now available

Raising the Inventive Step: A Look at the Issues
Tuesday 18 May (Brisbane)
Wednesday 19 May (Sydney)
Thursday 21 May (Melbourne)
L'Oreal and the Logic of 'Because You're Worth It': Free Riding and European Trade Mark Law
Monday 10 May (Melbourne)
Wednesday 12 May (Sydney)
Presentation now available
TRIPS at 15: A New Centre of Gravity? Reflections on the Evolution of the TRIPS Agreement
Friday 26 March (Melbourne)
Authorship, Anthems and Authorisation: A Legal and Economic Review of the Copyright Triptych
Thursday 18 March (Melbourne)
Friday 19 March (Sydney)
The Protection of Brands: A Contemporary Look at Acquisition, Scope and Market Realities
Thursday 11 February (Perth)
Friday 12 February (Adelaide)


The Protection of Brands: A Contemporary Look at Acquisition, Scope and Market Realities
Monday 7 December (Sydney)
Tuesday 8 December (Brisbane)
Thursday 10 December (Melbourne)
UWA vs Gray: What Does it Mean for Universities?
Tuesday 17 November (Melbourne)
Friday 20 November (Perth)
Monday 23 November (Brisbane)
Do Patents Matter for Commercialisation?
Thursday 19 November (Hobart)
An Introduction to the Intellectual Property High Court of Japan
Monday 9 November (Melbourne)
Piracy or Parody: Coming Through the Rye Still Banned in the USA?
Thursday 8 October (Melbourne)
What difference does a patent make?
Thursday 1 October (Adelaide)
Friday 2 October (Perth)
Friday 6 November (Melbourne)
Will freeing parallel imports make books cheaper at the cost of authors?
Tuesday 15 September (Melbourne)
Wednesday 16 September (Sydney)
*Podcast now available*
The Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in China: Institutional Challenges
Monday 7 September (Melbourne)
Patent Infringement in Australia: Results from a Survey
Monday 24 August (Adelaide)
Tuesday 25 August (Perth)
Do Australian Companies Value Trade Marks and Designs? A Look at the Evidence
Monday 24 August (Adelaide)
Tuesday 25 August (Perth)
Ambush Marketing
Monday 22 June (Sydney)
Tuesday 23 June (Brisbane)
Wednesday 24 June (Melbourne)
Patent Infringement in Australia: Results from a Survey
Tuesday 9 June (Melbourne)
Wednesday 10 June (Brisbane)
That IceTV is a Hard Case Making Bad Law” - An Academics’ Debate
Thursday 28 May (Melbourne)
Do Patents Matter for Commercialisation?
Tuesday 19 May (Perth)
Thursday 21 May (Adelaide)
Monday 25 May (Sydney)
Should Genes be Patented?
Friday 24 April (Melbourne)
*Podcast now available*
IPRIA and CMCL Book Launch
Landmarks in Australian Intellectual Property Law
Wednesday 25 March (Melbourne)

IP Professionals and Ethics

Monday 9 March (Brisbane)
Wednesday 18 March (Melbourne)
Thursday 19 March (Sydney)
Linda Haller Presentation; Trevor Davies Presentation

Oxford International IP Exhibition Moot
Tuesday 10 March 2009


The Value of Copyright: Determining Shadow Prices
Monday 10 November 2008 (Sydney)
Tuesday 11 November 2008 (Brisbane)
Tuesday 18 November 2008 (Melbourne)
Manner of Manufacture
Monday 10 November 2008 (Sydney)
Tuesday 11 November 2008 (Brisbane)
Friday 14 November 2008 (Melbourne)
IP Professionals and Ethics
Monday 10 November 2008 (Perth)
Tuesday 11 November 2008 (Adelaide)
Pre-Grant and Post-Grant Amendments under European, UK and US Patent Laws
Thursday 4 September 2008
Does Australia Have an Innovation Problem?
Wednesday 16 July 2008
Privilege and the IP Professional
Tuesday 17 June 2008 (Melbourne)
Wednesday 18 June 2008 (Sydney)
Thursday 19 June 2008 (Brisbane)
The Future of the International IP System
Tuesday 3 June 2008
In the Shadow of the Australia-China FTA Negotiations: What Australian Business thinks about IP
Wednesday 20th February 2008 (Melbourne)
Thursday 21st February 2008 (Sydney)
Thursday 28th February 2008 (Brisbane)


150th Gala Dinner - Celebrating 150 years of teaching law
Wednesday 21st November 2007

Knowledge Brokering: A Competitive Advantage for Biotech Start-ups?
Thursday 1st November 2007

IP Commercialisation Ventures and Taxation
Thursday 26th July 2007

Making Copyright Safe for Parody and Satire
Monday 2nd July 2007

Mastering the Patent System
Wednesday 9th May 2007

Universities Innovation Showcase
Thursday 26th April 2007

Business Models and Patent Strategies for "Multi Invention" Contexts
Thursday 22nd March 2007

An Accounting Approach to Estimating the Return on Intangible Investments
Wednesday 7th February 2007 (Melbourne)
Wednesday 15th February 2007 (Brisbane)
Wednesday 20th February 2007 (Sydney)


Disharmony in a harmonised system: what drives different outcomes at the world’s patent offices
Tuesday 28th November(Brisbane) Wednesday 29th November (Sydney) Friday 1st December (Melbourne)
Can Australia's Biotechnology Industry Survive?
Tuesday 31st October 2006
The Copyright Amendment Bill 2006: The Scope and Likely Impact of New Library Exceptions
Friday 27th October 2006
Intellectual Property and Innovation: A Different Perspective
Friday 11th August 2006
IP Commercialisation Ventures
Friday 11th August 2006
Centenary of Trademarking
Wednesday 12th July 2006 (Melbourne) Thursday 13th July 2006(Sydney)
Intellectual Property in Global Perspective
Wednesday 28th June 2006
Law, Ethics and Indigenous Collections: A Workshop for Cultural Institutions
Monday 19th June 2006
Turning Intellectual Property into Commercial Reality: University Showcase Innovation
Wednesday 26th April 2006
Taxing the Mind: Taxation Problems in the Commercialisation of Intellectual Property

Tuesday 7th February 2006 (Brisbane) Wednesday 8th February 2006 (Sydney) Thursday 9th February 2006 (Canberra) Thursday 16th February 2006 (Melbourne)

Venture Capital Symposium: Tax and Expenditure Subsidies for Commercialising Innovation
Thursday 2nd February 2006


IP Enforcement in Australia: What's Actually Happening in the Courts?
Wednesday 9th November 2005 Monday 21st November 2005
Struggling for Coherence: A Review of Recent Developments in European Trade Mark Law
Tuesday 26th July 2005 (Melbourne) Thursday, 28th July, 2005 (Sydney)
The Future of Copyright Exception
Wednesday 15th June 2005 (Sydney) Thursday 16th June, 2005 (Melbourne)
The Future of the Patent System
Monday 11th April 2005
Traditional Knowledge, Traditional Cultural Expressions and Intellectual Property: The International Dimension
Monday 18 April 2005
Software Patents: Developments in Europe
Tuesday 22 March 2005
Competition and Intellectual Property
Monday 21st March 2005 (Melbourne) Monday 21st February 2005 (Sydney)
US Patent Practice: An Update from the New York Bar (generously sponsored by Nanyang Ventures)
Monday 21st February 2005